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Hey everybody! I just found out today that the link I gave y’all to  the new site didn’t work! I’m very very sorry about that!  Here’s the link to it here.


Sorry again!



The New ChatterBox!

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Hey Everybody!  First of all, a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted in the poll about updating The ChatterBox with the seasons! I enjoyed seeing the results=).  The majority of the voters said “yes! I love festive blogs!” so, after seeing that, I set off to give The ChatterBox a ‘Christmasy’ look. But, to my great disappointment about the only thing WordPress would let me customize was the header=( I noticed that Blogger let you customize just about anything AND there were a tone of sites where you could get cute templates for free. So, I did something spontaneous and probably a little crazy…. I moved everything over to Blogger!  The new URL is So head on over there and let me know what ya think=) And if any of you have me on your blogroll I would really appreciate it if you changed the URL. Thanks!


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