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Hey everybody! I just found out today that the link I gave y’all to  the new site didn’t work! I’m very very sorry about that!  Here’s the link to it here.


Sorry again!



The New ChatterBox!

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Hey Everybody!  First of all, a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted in the poll about updating The ChatterBox with the seasons! I enjoyed seeing the results=).  The majority of the voters said “yes! I love festive blogs!” so, after seeing that, I set off to give The ChatterBox a ‘Christmasy’ look. But, to my great disappointment about the only thing WordPress would let me customize was the header=( I noticed that Blogger let you customize just about anything AND there were a tone of sites where you could get cute templates for free. So, I did something spontaneous and probably a little crazy…. I moved everything over to Blogger!  The new URL is So head on over there and let me know what ya think=) And if any of you have me on your blogroll I would really appreciate it if you changed the URL. Thanks!


Suzie Update

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Well, Suzie is getting bigger all the time and eating twice as much! She’s catching on really quick what food is and where we go to get the food AND  she knows WHEN she wants to eat. She is now a professional beggar and usually gets what she wants, it’s hard to say “no” to that face isn’t it?


She yawns almost as much as she eats! A puppy needs her beauty sleep if she wants to grow to be like the Big Dogs.


And just look at those boh ole dinosour feet! It’s kinda starting to look like she’ll be bigger than the “Big Dogs”!


Every puppy loves some momma cuddle time=) Suzie is already bigger than a watermelon! Looks like she won’t get very many more cuddle times like this……



Now, what does the princess Tiara think about all of this?……….. Let’s just say she hasn’t fully adjusted to playing big sister….


Nope…..not quite.


We’re not very sure what mix of breeds she is other than she has some german shepherd in her, but we did find a picture of some puppies that looked almost exactly like her…….




So, what do you think does she look like she has some st. bernard in her?




Peanut Butter Cookies

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The easiest peanut butter cookies EVER!!!



1 Egg

1 Cup of peanut butter

1 Cup of sugar


Preheat oven to 350°. Mix egg, peanut butter, and sugar in large bowl


After you mix the dough thoroughly, roll dough into little balls about an 1 and a half inches thick, then place on cookie sheet.


Then bake.

For soft cookies: 10-12 min

For crispy cookies:12-15

For burnt cookies: We found that 15+ is great for this kind.


For a little extra pizazz, take cookies out of oven 2 minutes before the set time and put pieces of chocolate in center then put back in oven for remainder of time or until chocolate is melted.





Happy Birthday…..

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You are a true man of God and I couldn’t be more proud to call you “Dad”=) Your strong faith, character, and wisdom amazes and blesses me everyday. When you sing you light up the house and all those in it. You always put your family first and sacrifice the things you want to provide for our needs and pleasures. You’re love for God and your family shines brightly through you and it impacts everyone around you. It’s a joy and honor to be your daughter. I love you Daddy!





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The third addition to my family’s pack of k-9’s. Here’s a few things about Miss Suzie to help you get to know her a little….

Age: 5 weeks

Talents: Eating, sleeping, chewing on hands, fingers, ankles, and toes

Enjoys: All of her talents

Goal in life: to run with the ”Big Dogs” (Tiara and Sniper)

Biggest fear: Nothing! Except a mirrior…..




Thought I forgot about ya huh?

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 (our team name and logo)

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I haven’t exactly had writer’s block either I’ve just had a crazy busy month with my nerd lessons! Ok, so they weren’t official nerd lessons, our family started a robot/engineering team with BEST!  So, with all of our nerd lessons, Me and my sister, Autumn, have decided the we 4 kids young adults, are not the K. kids young adults anymore, but, have now been dubbed The Gaggle of Geeks! Sounds pretty impressive huh? The competition was on November 8, and we started at the end of September so we didn’t have a whole lot of time to design and build a robot, design and build a booth, design and order t-shirts, write a technical notebook, make a 15 minute presentation, get sponsors, get publicity AND have it done before the competition. So the team met almost everyday (alot of nerd lessons huh?) to work on everything and thankfully we got done just in time (the night before the competition to be exact!)! And I’m happy to say we did really good and got 4th place!

Now, before any of you start thinking that I’m some robot/science genius I’ll just go ahead and tell ya, I can’t take credit for anything that has to do with the robot=( Actually I didn’t even touch the robot because if I did I probably would have ruined it;( So that’s why I was in the design and marketing group. I helped with designing our t-shirts, designing our booth, getting sponsors, getting publicity and all that good stuff. 

So, now that life is starting to get back to normal I should be getting this blog back in the blogging world full swing! But, before I sign out for the day here’s a few pictures of TREG.

These are from Mall day (a practice run at the mall). We actually won the Team Spirit and Sportsmanship award for the day!

Here’s our team cheering on our Phill-E (our robot)  and it’s driver for the round (the oneswith lime green do-rags and navy shirts are on the team)

The designing and marketing ladies taking a break from handing out brochures to pose for a picture.

These are from competition day…..



 Yes, that’s me ^up^ there with my mouth WIDE open……we were singing our team theme song! It was amazing, it was to the tune of the commercial.


and ^this^ is the team picture!

For more pictures and info visit


Have a Blessed day!!

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